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Peppa Mint Loose Leaf Tea (15g/25cups)

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    15grams makes around 25cups of tea!

    Tea Tin not included. 

    Did you know that teabags contain plastic?! But there is a way to enjoy a lovely brew with zero waste.... loose leaf tea! Simply pop a teaspoon of tea leaves into your tea infuser and leave to brew to your desired strength. Then just empty the leaves into the bin, simple and plastic free. 


    Peppa Mint Tea - 100% caffeine free peppermint tea, made from whole peppermint leaves 


    Who are Tealicious?

    Husband and wife team, Nigel and Katie, based in Bishop's Stortford in Herefordshire they only produce loose leaf tea. Nigel is a fully trained tea taster and did this for various companies before setting up Tealicious so he definitely knows his stuff! Their deliveries come to us completely plastic free and their tea is beautiful.