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Mack - Washing Up Liquid (refill pod)

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Make some noise, let’s get this kitchen disco started. The cleaning agents in Dish Jockey are employed to remove grease, fat and leftover food without a bouncer/doorman insight.

Throw your hands up if you’ve said goodbye to bubbles - the vibe of the Dish Meister means you’re not chasing those (good for nothing) party crashers down the sink during the slow dance. Let me hear you say M A C K. 

Includes 1 BioPod & 1 label for your reusable bottle

How to use

  • Drop this BioPod into a 500ml reused or repurposed squeezy . 
  • Fill 3/4 with warm water and shake for a minute. Fill to the top and shake again for good measure.
  • Add to 'N'sink' filled with warm, NOT HOT, water (works best in cooler temperatures!) or directly to your sponge.
  • Don’t be alarmed if there are no bubbles, the Dish Jockey is still working hard. Remember to throw some shapes but not the plates!

Sodium carbonate, monococo alkyl esters, cellulose methyl ether, Cocamidopropyl betaine, citrus oil, precipitated silica, dye (food-grade)