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Mack - Toilet Cleaner (refill pod)

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Toilet bowl and under rim descaler, germ butt kicker and beyond. 

How To Use

  • Grab a clean 750ml - 1L squeezy bottle or empty toilet gel bottle.
  • Pop in the BioPod and fill halfway with cold water. Shake until dissolved,
  • Fill up to the top and you're ready to go To Rimfinity and beyond

This sticky miracle clings to the toilet bowl and under the rim, giving you a germ-free and fresh smelling throne with zero legacy when flushed away. 

Conventional toilet cleaning gels don’t and can’t break down the Uric acid found in a number one, but our biological components in To Rimfinity can and do break it down into ammonia and carbon which then simply evaporate. The good bacteria then continue to clean the places you can’t unsee!

Hope we’re not blinding you with science. 

Includes 1 BioPod & 1 label for your reusable bottle


sodium carbonate, citric acid, methyl hydroxypropyl cellulose, precipitated silica, citrus oil, (food-grade) dye, bacteria, pH Neutral.

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