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Mack - Drain Cleaner Hairy Scumbag (liquid pod)

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For regular use to keep pipes, drains and plug holes running freely. Use Dr Dre’n to deal with any blockages and use Hairy Scumbag regularly as a maintainer.

Hairy Scumbag prevents drain problems from happening and keeps things moving without boiling kettles or nasty chemicals. Use regularly to ensure drains remain hair and scum free.

How To Use

  • Dissolve Hairy Scumbag in a 1 litre jug of warm (not hot) water
  • Pour approx 250ml down each plug hole.
  • Allow 4 hours before you use the sink or drain to let the enzymes and the Million Little Helpers (good bacteria) do their work.


sugar, precipitated silica, citrus oil, bacteria, (food-grade) dye, pH Neutral & completely biodegradable

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