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Ecoleaf Fabric Conditioner - Ecoleaf (5l bottle)

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    Ecoleaf Fabric Conditioner - Fragrance Free

    Refill from home with our fab 5l bottles. Pumps are available separately for easy dispensing.

    Effective yet gentle, Ecoleaf fabric conditioner is produced in the UK from gentle and sustainable plant-based ingredients. That's great news for the environment, and for delicate skin too. Best of all, our entire Ecoleaf range is certified animal-cruelty free and carries the Vegan Society logo.

    Use 40ml per wash. Lasts up to 125 washes.

    Part of our Return/Refill range 

    You can return any of our bottles when empty for us to refill for a full circular system. Green Members also earn reward points for doing so!

    30% water; <5% cationic surfactants; also contains natural fragrance, sorbic acid, lyral and coumarin.
    precaution: keep out of reach of children.