Established in 2018 Little Green Wood was founded by Cat, hear our story below...

Where it all began...

In 2018 the world was shocked by David Attenborough's Blue Planet, showing the damage we were causing to the world with our throw away society.

Inspired I (Cat) started Little Green Wood to do my bit, creating high quality reusables to help people to save money and reduce waste. I was pregnant with my eldest Freddie at the time and was determined to do as much as we could as a family to make a difference.

Following a few craft fairs we launched our wholesale range and within the year we were stocked in over 30 stores across the UK!

The Little Green Weigh

Not content with just selling through other stores we launched our own in July 2020!

We battled through all of the lockdowns and helped to save just over 100,000 pieces of plastic packaging by customers refilling and using our planet friendly alternatives.

Unfortuantely, we had to close the shop in June 2022, with rising costs making it impossible to stay over in the demanding financial climate.

However, with changes to the business we were able to stay open online and through concession stores across York, continuing to support our amazing customers.

Little Green Wood 2.0

Shortly after the arival of our beautiful 2nd baby boy Noah, we merged The Little Green Weigh with Little Green Wood.

Doing this enabled us to go back to the start, the heart of why we launched the business, to help people reduce waste, save money and focus on their wellbeing.

We wanted to simplyfy things, collaborate with a promote local businesses and share advice to help people on their journey.

We're excited for this next phase and hope you like what we have to share.

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